Best Self Clinic    is a trauma-informed mental health and lifestyle medicine center offering a wide variety treatment methods including evidence-based psychological services along with holistic lifestyle programs to enhance well-being, quality of life and longevity to help you live your best life!

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Trauma, PTSD & Complex PTSD

Childhood Abuse and Neglect

Personalized Wellness Programs

Trauma-Informed Sports Psychology

Holistic Addictions Recovery

Domestic Violence Survivor Support

Military Trauma Recovery

Meditation & Mindfulness Training

Toxic Stress Management

Coercive Control & Financial Exploitation​

Best Self Clinic    was founded in 2012 by

Dr. April Jones to empower individuals,

couples and families to achieve good emotional and physical health to live balanced, fulfilled lives.  Customized behavioral health, wellness and holistic lifestyle programs offer step-by-step guidance and support for a sustainable, whole health approach to your everyday life.


​​  Mind-Body Health