Evidence-Based Treatment

Dr. Jones believes in powerful and innovative treatment that is based on current scientific research and is customized to reflect your individual needs, values, and goals.  

Holistic Lifestyle Benefits

The term 'holistic lifestyle' has been used to describe everything from herbal remedies to finding your 'Zen'.  Dr. Jones provides a comprehensive overview of holistic health.  

Behavioral Medicine

Best Self Clinic promotes good mental health and wellness by offering tools and resources to help people stay active, connected, and resilient in their daily lives.

Visualization Exercise

Let's do a brief visualization exercise, okay?  Find a quiet space where you can relax.  Read these simple instructions and then close your eyes and proceed. Take a couple of deep breaths and picture yourself in a neutral environment.  Now imagine you are an objective observer of yourself.  What is your impression of this person? Is this individual happy, calm, and content? If not, what might help this person feel more peaceful and relaxed in her/his life.  Perhaps you can write down a couple of ideas or draw a picture to depict your desired self-image.  Dr. Jones welcomes you to contact her to discuss your ideas!

FAQ's & Resources

FAQ's and therapeutic resources provide more information about psychological and wellness services to heal trauma, addictions, narcissistic abuse and chronic health concerns.