I first came to see Dr. Jones when I was referred by my physician for grief counseling a year after my father passed away unexpectedly.  My therapy first helped me to cope with the thoughts and emotions associated with acute grief after losing a parent.  The holistic nature of the treatment helped to calm my anxiety so that I could talk about my family history.  Dr. Jones helped me to understand that my chronic, life-long anxiety stemmed from unresolved childhood trauma.  She opened my eyes to the mental and physical effects that trauma and abuse can trigger.  I came to understand that my anxiety attacks weren't tied to one specific event or trauma, but rather a lifetime of traumatic events and thus was "diagnosed" with Complex PTSD.

It was honestly as relief to discover that I wasn't "crazy" and just born with hyper-anxious tendencies, but rather they stemmed from the abuse that my sister and I endured from our mother throughout our childhood and even into adolescence and adulthood.  Learning this term along with Complex PTSD, allowed me to seek the right answers whereas before I didn't even know the right questions.  This newfound knowledge and logic in and of itself made me feel empowered and more on the offensive in regards to my anxiety rather than constantly feeling at the mercy of my own mind and body as though they were always fighting against me.

Dr. Jones introduced me to the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, which has taught me how to acknowledge and truly "feel" my feelings rather than dissociating and avoiding them.  When I stopped fueling the anxiety cycle, I was able to start more intensive work to learn new skills.  Through her recommended workbooks and weekly sessions, I felt for the first time that I was working through my anxiety and other effects of Complex PTSD that have plagued me for so many years.  The grief symptoms associated with the loss of my father have also become more manageable as I reflect on our time together.

Extremely hesitant and resistant at first, I now completely welcome and look forward my weekly sessions with Dr. Jones knowing that each time I come away with new learning, a different perspective or skills to cope with Complex PTSD in order to thrive in my daily life.  I've also learned how to work through a variety of tough memories and emotions associated with narcissistic abuse and trauma.

I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who has been thinking about starting their own journey of self-understanding and treatment contact Dr. Jones as I wish I had discovered this kind of treatment much, much sooner. 

Chole's Story