• ​​Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment
  • Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy, Psychoeducation & Interactive Tools
  • linkACE Quiz (Adverse Childhood Experience) & Resilience Quiz (Protective Factors to ACEs)
  • Differential Diagnosis: PTSD, C-PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, linkBetrayal Trauma
  • ​Management of a Full, Medium or No Contact Plan with Abusive Partners, Family, Friends, and Colleagues
  • Sexual Assault, Rape After Consent, Date Rape, Spousal Rape, Incest, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Sexual Harassment
  • Cheaters: Extramarital Affair, Unfaithful Partner, "Polyamorous" Cheaters, Strip Clubs, Only Fans and other Prostitution Addiction
  • Workplace Violence, Gaslighting & Sexual Harassment 
  • Divorce, Co-Parenting and Parallel Parenting Consulting
  • Coping Skills to Manage: Emotional Abuse, Stalking, Harassment, Gaslighting, Coercive Control, Abandonment and Slander 
  • Navigate the Emotional Challenges of Family Estrangement, Intimate Partner Violence & Unresolved Childhood Trauma
  • Grandparents Rights: Consultation and Support to Manage Contact/Estrangement with Narcissistic Grandparents
  • Family Law Consulting: Divorce, Child Custody (includes Ad Litem consults), Domestic Violence, Coercive Control, Financial Abuse
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
  • Tools to Keep the "Untreatable" (Narcissist/Psychopath) Out of Couples Therapy 
  • Education for Mind-Body Health to Detox from a Toxic Relationship, Job, Partnership
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) & Motivational Interviewing (MI): Gold Standard for Long-Term Behavior Modification
  • Stop Adrenaline & Cortisol from Destroying Your Body
  • Trauma-Informed Fitness Counseling & Sports Psychology
  • Easy Meal Prep Plans, Culinary Therapy & Functional Nutrition
  • Addictions Treatment: Alcohol, Food, Illicit Drugs, THC, Opioids, Digital Devices, Pornography & Gambling

Best Self Clinic offers pro bono services to military and civilians for trauma-related conditions, including suicidality, grief, loss of loved ones, PTSD, CPTSD, dissociative disorders, childhood trauma, childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, coercive control and so forth.  We're currently maxed out of spots for pro bono patients.  Please consider making a donation for mental health services discounted by 35% for donation-sponsored care.  Regular price for a Starter Kit ranges from $2-3K to include a pre-intake assessment ($150), diagnostic evaluation ($350-$500) plus 6 psychotherapy visits ($250 per visit).  Six psychotherapy sessions is the bare minimum to address crisis issues and achieve symptom relief.  Donation-sponsored care is discounted to $1,300.  Any donation amount for the pro bono fund is much appreciated.  Thank you for your generosity!

Consultation & Treatment Services

High-Conflict Individuals

High-Conflict Individuals

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Complex Trauma, PTSD & High Conflict Individuals

Dr. Jones, Founder & Director
Complex Trauma Recovery Expert
​​Cluster B Personality Disorder Specialist

Recovery from PTSD, Complex PTSD, childhood trauma and relationship abuse is successful with whole-health treatment provided by a skilled psychologist who is devoted to healing trauma with empirically-supported therapeutic techniques and holistic interventions.

Domestic violence, childhood trauma, betrayal trauma, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, family of origin trauma, parental abuse, divorce, coercive control and workplace abuse have serious consequences.  We offer mind-body recovery programs for patients suffering from post-traumatic conditions, toxic stress and addictions.  Dr. Jones offers empathic support and clinical expertise to help patients to heal from trauma caused by abusive relationships in families, partners, colleagues and the legal system.  She also screens for ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) that contribute to long-term physical and mental health problems over the lifespan.

Abusive relationships contribute to toxic stress, chronic illness, mental health issues and substance abuse.  Trauma that is experienced through interpersonal abuse, harassment, stalking, abandonment, and legal issues can be addressed with professional support.   High-Conflict Individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder contribute to toxic stress in personal, academic, work and legal settings.  Consultation and treatment at Best Self Clinic is tailor-designed to address the needs of each patient, family or group who have suffered physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, financial and workplace abuse.  Healing from trauma and abuse is essential for quality of life, longevity and personal growth.