Not many people are aware of the serious impact depression can have on an entire family.  When our son was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety, we could not imagine the difficulties we would all face as a family.  Throughout these difficult times, Dr. Jones played a major role in our son's recovery and his journey towards a happier more productive life.

Since we are a Latino family, sometimes cultural differences can be hard for others to understand.  Thankfully, Dr. Jones is not only bilingual, but is also sensitive and understanding of our culture because she grew up in Mexico.  We tend to speak 'Spanglish' in our home, and found it so easy to converse with Dr. Jones as though we were talking to a family member.  Her professionalism and compassionate ways are two very important reasons why we sought her services.  She supported us as a family through our son's psychiatric hospitalization and was always available to console us while he was treated in the hospital for severe depression and difficulty taking care of himself.  Dr. Jones consulted with our son's psychiatrist to make sure his treatment plan was organized for discharge.  He began making more progress in treatment with Dr. Jones after his hospitalization once he learned to ask for help to figure out how to cope in moments of extreme distress.

We would highly recommend Dr. Jones to anyone who is trying to help a child or another family member who struggles with mental illness.  Our family is truly blessed to have this psychologist as our family psychotherapist.  We are communicating and coping better as a family and understand how to seek support during the tough times.  We will continue to support our son as he continues to overcome depression and anxiety in the care of a great doctor.  

De La Valle Family Story