Fees for Trauma-Informed Goods & Services


Diagnostic Consultation per 45-60 minutes: $300-$500 *Covered by BCBS of Illinois
Between Visit Support by Phone or Email per 30-minute increments: $150 
*Covered by BCBS of Illinois
Professional Consultation per 45-minute consult: $300 (extra time is prorated)

*professional = psychologist, psychiatrist, PCP, OBGYN, pain specialist, bariatric or transplant surgeons


Individual Psychotherapy per 45-60 minutes: $300-$400 

Individual Well-Being Package: $1,137 - Regularly $1,440 (3 sessions + 4 email consults per/mo)

Individual Prevention-Focused Package: $1,343 - Regularly $1,575 (3 sessions + 5 phone/email relapse prevention per/mo)

Individual Busy Traveller Package: $1,239 - Regularly $1,500 (5 mix 'n' match: therapy, guided relaxation, etc. per/mo)
Individual Guided Meditation, Relaxation, Visualization & Processing per 45-60 minutes: $250-$350

Group Psychotherapy per 45-60 minutes: $150-$200

COUPLES & FAMILY THERAPY *Covered by BCBS of Illinois
​Couples Psychotherapy per 45-75 minutes: $300-$500 
Assessment Feedback & Intervention per 90 minutes: $675
Individual Interview (1 per partner) per 60-75 minutes: $350-$440 
Family Psychotherapy per 45-75 minutes: $350-$500
Addictions Intervention Family Consults per 75 minutes: $450

ASSSESSMENT *Covered by BCBS of Illinois

Psychological Evaluation & Report: $450 per/hr 
Individual Instrument Assessment & Feedback: $300 per/hr
Pre- and Post-Surgical Behavioral Medicine Evaluation: $550 per/hr 
Comprehensive (non-surgical) Behavioral Medicine Assessment: $450 per/hr 


Legal proceedings related to your case, including preparation and transportation: $1,000 per/hr

Subpoena to testify or provide documents, professional consultation or testimony for another party: $1,000 per/hr

​Depositions, trials, trial preparation, expert witness and preparation: $1,550 per/hr

Letters & Forms: $350 per/hr (prorated)


Applied Behavioral Medicine (Lifestyle) Program

  • Lifestyle Medicine Sessions with Dr. Jones to Support Your Well-Being Journey!
  • Daily Wellness Guide: Morning & Evening Wellness Routines
  • Culinary Therapy: A Mindfulness Approach to Functional Nutrition for Good Mental Health
    • Heal the Root Cause of Emotional Eating, Binging, Purging, Restrictive Eating & ARFID
  • Trauma-Based Somatic Therapies: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, CPTSD, Vagal Tone, Grounding Exercises
  • Trauma-Informed Sports Psychology: Neuroplasticity, Proprioception, Interoception, Exteroception
  • Sleep Hygiene and CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia & Other Sleep Disorders)
  • Gut-Brain Axis Repair for Better Mood Management  
  • Natural Addictions Recovery: THC, Alcohol, Food, Shopping, Devices, Nicotine, Pornography, Gambling

    *request a quote - enrollment is open