Best Self Clinic    offers a full spectrum of behavioral health and wellness services to teach and promote a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.   The mind-body approach aims to improve quality of life, longevity and daily functioning.  Each patient at Best Self Clinic is offered custom-designed mental health and holistic lifestyle programs to include evidenced-based psychotherapy, wellness assessments, nutrition and fitness counseling, guided meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction, relaxation training and collaboration with your healthcare providers.  Whole health treatment restores the mind and body to good health with positive connections to your family, friends, community, and our world.  This restoration is achieved by diminishing fear, anxiety, sadness, and pain and replacing these feelings with hope, joy, vitality, love, and acceptance.    

The whole-health wellness approach to improves key areas of life: Emotional Mind, Physical Body, Relationships, and Mindfulness.  The principles of natural health include good nutrition, proper sleep, exercise, meditation or prayer, healthy boundaries, and pleasurable life experiences.  Emotional distress can diminish when these principles are incorporated into a consistent, daily lifestyle.  ​Living a holistic lifestyle promotes healing and personal growth with the resources you need to nurture your mind and body.  Lifestyle medicine heals trauma, chronic illness and addictions to restore mental health and personal well-being. 

What makes you feel happy, comfortable, and complete?  There is no right or wrong answer as everyone has different needs and desires.  Balancing the mind and the body begins with understanding how they influence one another.  One of the main causes of illness in the mind and body is stress.  Learning how to cope with physical, mental, and environmental stress provides peace of mind, optimism, sense of humor, and self-confidence.  

Dr. Jones inspires people to create their own happiness and prosperity by living with intention, purpose and a good plan!  Contact Best Self Clinic for more information about behavioral health and holistic lifestyle programs.