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Dr. April Jones is a licensed, bilingual clinical psychologist.  She specializes in the care of adults and adolescents with psychological difficulties and health problems.  She is a highly trained clinician with 14 years of experience working in medical and psychiatric hospitals, community mental health, non-profit organizations and as a private clinic owner.


Integrative Behavioral Medicine

Trauma, PTSD & Complex PTSD

Cluster B Personality Disorders

Addictions Recovery

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Meditation Training

Sports Psychology 

Holistic Lifestyle Design


Doctor of Psychology (Concentration in Medical Psychology)

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

Bachelor of Arts (Double Major in Psychology & Spanish)

Certifications & Awards

Primary Care Behavioral Health Specialist (2013) The University of Massachussetts Medical School Certification

Award from NIH (National Institutes of Health) for clinical research (2010)

Award Alpha Sigma Lamba National Honor Society for leadership, community service and outstanding scholarship (2006)

Presidential Fellowship for outstanding academic performance and 4.0 GPA (2005)

Work Experience

  • Best Self Clinic, LLC. Private clinic for trauma and abuse recovery, chronic illness, addictions and lifestyle medicine.  Psychologist & Founder
  • The University of Chicago, Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience. Transplant Psychologist & Clinical Addictions Researcher
  • Oak Forest Hospital of Cook County, Dept. of Psychology. Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuropsychology, Intensive Psychotherapy Resident
  •  John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Behavioral Medicine Department. Pain & Diabetes Clinics Psychotherapist and Researcher
  • Hartgrove Hospital, Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital. Diagnostician, Group Therapy Leader, IQ & Personality Assessment Intern
  • The American Cancer Society. Addictions Therapist & Psychoeducation Specialist
  • The Settle Home. Residential Facility for Abused & Mentally Ill Girls.  Psychotherapist & Group Therapy Leader
  • World Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Psychotherapist & Educator for At-Risk Women and Families

As a semi-native Spanish speaker who grew up in Mexico City, Mexico and in New York City, Dr. Jones enjoys working with diverse populations with unique life experiences.  Her energy and enthusiasm for her work is reflected in the positive feedback she receives from her patients and colleagues.  Dr. Jones embraces scientifically-supported methods of clinical care along with a variety of holistic resources to help patients heal from emotional disturbances with renewed hope for the future.  Dr. Jones has been a respected member of the Chicago mental health community for 13 years.