I've always been a very private person.  Asking for help is extremely difficult for me.  I literally had Dr. Jones' business card in my wallet for nearly a year before I made the call to schedule my first session.  I was nervous, but taking that first step in the right direction was honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

I've struggled with depression and anxiety all of my adult life and even thought I was doing better at one point.  It turned out that I had really just been burying my feelings deeper.  I realized that reaching out for help wasn't admitting failure as I had originally feared.  Instead, it was a positive and proactive decision to commit to learning how to live a happier life.  Over the years, Dr. Jones has helped me to adopt healthier methods of dealing with stress and triggers for depression and anxiety. 

Additionally, under her Healthy Weight Loss Nutrition Plan, Dr. Jones worked with me to build a healthy, sustainable nutrition plan for weight management.  I have always struggled with my weight and controlling my eating in response to depression.  Dr. Jones' extensive knowledge of nutrition and easy-to-prepare recipes worked seamlessly with good habit-building techniques that she taught me throughout my treatment.  I have already hit many weight loss goals and look forward to continuing my path to healthy living and personal wellness.

I know that I will always have to put in the work to keep my depression at bay, and now feel empowered and equipped with the tools to do so.  I am grateful for Dr. Jones and her calm, enthusiastic, and patient approach to my care.  I am also proud that I did finally make the decision to focus on improving my quality of life.  I would encourage anyone to take that same first step.  Being happier can really be a decision you can make right now.

Penelope's Story